Wednesday, September 21, 2011

WIP Wednesday 9/21/2011

Quilt blocks from top left: Wandering Star, Roman Stripe, Beacon Lights, Stripes and Nine

At the moment I’m concentrating on A Study in Stripes for co-worker Wanda. Three seams from now I’ll have pieced 4 Beacon Lights blocks, the center Stripes and Nine block and a Roman Stripe. All six of those blocks need to be trimmed to size. Also, I’ve made one Wandering Star block. I need to make three more Wandering Stars and Roman Stripes to complete the set of blocks for the quilt. My deadline to deliver the quilt is next week, so I’ll be pedal to the metal to get it done.

Cristine’s Bosties, for my housekeeper, is near completion. It’s been put on hold until the quilt mentioned above is finished. I’ve made five of nine blocks. Two more are nearly done. Unfortunately two other blocks that were completely finished were accidentally picked up at church by a member, taken home and not have not been returned yet. I have officially decided to move on without the blocks. This means a slight re-design of two quilt blocks as I do not have enough of a couple of the fabrics to re-create the lost blocks. But I think it will work out.

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