Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Score one for creativity

Path from my front door to the patio door

Last Friday I hired the neighbor's nephew to do some work in the backyard. I live in a condo which has no access from the backyard to the front yard unless you go over the fence into the backyard of a neighbor who has a gate or through my house.  I figured if I could create a path of some kind the kid could walk through the house with bags of yard trimmings without getting dirt on the carpet or repeatedly taking shoes off and putting them back on.

I considered several possible ways to create a path, including buying a roll of bridal path stuff, butcher paper and painter's paper. Finally I remembered that there was a roll of paper on my granddaughter's easel. Even if I ran out of the paper I had a new roll in the closet.

The paper path worked great--no dirt on the carpet.  Best of all, it was "free."

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