Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Beginning to work on Wanda's quilt

Inspiration and fabrics for A Study in Stripes

Tonight I’ll start sewing co-worker Wanda’s quilt. Inspired by an outfit worn by Wanda months ago, the fabrics include a pink and white stripe to represent Wanda’s sweater top and a gray tone-on-tone to represent Wanda’s heathered gray sweater. Also in the mix are a black solid, another gray, two different pinks, a white tone-on-tone and a pink stripe that is on standby.

Electric Quilt Sketch

I created a quilt design in Electric Quilt that uses the quilt blocks Stripes & Nine, Roman Stripe, Wandering Star and Beacon Lights. The block names relate: stripes, a play on Wanda’s name, and a wanderer (another play on Wanda’s name) could use a guide or beacon now and then.

Stripes are in abundance, whether in fabric itself, block names or piecing. I’m thinking of calling the quilt A Study in Stripes.

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