Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Rehearsal at Gallo

Last night was the first rehearsal at the actual Gallo site. (Previously we had rehearsed at a school.) It was interesting walking through the backstage halls, squeezing past cast members, in search of the orchestra. After getting no answers from a few people, one nice person showed me how to get downstairs to the orchestra pit. The orchestra is seated a few feet below ground level, and my head is actually below the stage floor. I’m 5’ nothing, just short enough to stand up and not hit my head on the bottom of the stage floor. I can’t see anything that’s happening on stage, but I can hear the singers most of the time.
The rehearsal went pretty well. Today I’ll be going in the afternoon to play the piano while the cast rehearses, then the rest of the orchestra will come in the evening.
Tomorrow is opening night!

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