Friday, May 20, 2011

April Showers quilt top almost done

The quilt top for the April Showers doll quilt is mostly sewn together. I’m still debating about whether it needs a little border. Meanwhile, I’m cross-stitching “April Showers” in the center block. I’m using waste canvas cross-stitch fabric, which I used many years ago to cross-stitch on my daughter’s handmade shirts. After the design is stitched, you pull out the threads of the waste canvas, leaving just the cross-stitching. It’s great stuff.
Waste canvas secured to quilt top

By the way, I discovered’s Caption Maker, where you can type some text and get a cross-stitch chart. There are a couple of free fonts, and I chose one of those. But if you buy a subscription you can get access to a lot more styles.
Cross-stitch chart created with Caption Maker

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