Thursday, May 26, 2011

Ordered fabric, chose blocks

I found a cute housekeeping chores themed fabric online the other day. It has sketches of ironing boards, stoves, brooms, etc., against a white background. I thought it would be great in the quilt for Cristine, my housekeeper. Yesterday after work I looked for it at the local quilt and fabric stores but didn’t find it. So last night I ordered a yard from I got an email today saying it’s already on its way.
I like to choose blocks with names that correlate to the recipient. A great source is Cristine has a couple of Boston Terriers, and it is a theme for the quilt. I didn’t find any dog-related blocks that interested me, but I did find a couple that related to home: Hearth and Home, and Home Circle. Both blocks are five-patch so they play nicely together. I designed a 9-block quilt from the blocks using Electric Quilt. I’ll post an image of the design later.

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