Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Friend making plans

My friend Lena did some research on our trip to San Francisco last night. She looked into the bus schedules and couldn’t see more than a couple of weeks ahead. She guessed that the schedules probably don’t change much from week to week, and I agreed. I said I just check the next weekday or weekend schedule and the approximate time I expect to arrive in the city. That gives me an idea of how often the buses run.

We talked about what time we would leave in the morning for BART, which is an hour’s drive away. Lena was concerned that if we waited till 8:00, traffic would be horrible, and meekly suggested we leave at 6:00. I said that was fine. She was also concerned about the drive home. Afternoon traffic is bad, as well.

She asked me what I do. I told her that I leave town about 10 AM and traffic is not bad. At the end of the day, once I get back to BART in Pleasanton, I just hang out in the area, have dinner, then go to the bookstore until 9:00 or so. By then, traffic is tame. But that’s me, the nightowl. She goes to bed much earlier than me. We had a laugh. I told her she gets to call the shots, and I’ll go along with whatever she plans. She likes the idea of leaving a little later in the morning, but coming home well before 9:00. Not a problem.

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