Tuesday, May 31, 2011

How to visit my daughter in Washington state.

"I had a great time with my daughter and got to see some neat places."

How I did it: I flew to Bellingham, Washington to visit my daughter Lisa at the end of March.  I stayed for five days, and we did a lot in that short time.  I've already written about our adventures in Canada, so I'll talk about Washington.

I arrived late Friday afternoon and my daughter, her roommate and I went to dinner at D'Anna's Cafe Italiano for Italian food.  I had Pancetta Brandy Chicken which was delicious.  From where we sat we could see the food being cooked, and now and then a big flame would go up, so it was kind of fun.

After dinner we went to Mallard Ice Cream where I had Cayenne Chocolate ice cream. I'm not usually into chocolate, but the cayenne aspect intrigued me so I had to try it. There was a little bit of a bite, but I like spicy so I liked it.

Next on the agenda was The Upfront Theatre, for improv comedy a la Whose Line Is It Anyway?  It was a lot of fun and one of my daughter's co-workers was in the cast.

After we went grocery shopping at Haggen on Saturday Lisa and I did a little running around. My daughter (my son, too) has an aversion to quilt and fabric shops after way too many visits as a child. But she was gracious and drove me around to see a few. We found Fourth Corner Quilts and Two Thimbles Quilt Shop, both of which happened to be part of a shop hop at the time. Both places offered me fabric to make a block but I declined.  I looked for "pizza" fabric for Pipes and Piperoni as well as a pink and white stripe for another project. I didn't find either. We tried to find a third quilt shop that I had visited on another trip years ago but alas the shop had closed for good.

Before we went home we stopped at Black Pearl and had Bubble Tea--my first time. It's kind of a smoothie with big chewy tapioca spheres in it. It was different but good. Later that day we had dinner at Bob's Burgers and Brews with many of my daughter's friends and then a special awards ceremony for my daughter.
Freeway sign in Bellingham
What d'ya mean Seattle is south? This sign has always messed with my head.
As a California girl, Seattle is as far north as you can get.

Bellingham Technical College - Lisa will start school there soon.
Episcopal Church in Bellingham
Isn't it pretty?

Lisa and I spent Sunday and Monday in Vancouver and Victoria, BC Canada.  Then on Tuesday, we went on an ongoing search for a college t-shirt for my granddaughter, for which we had had no luck thus far.  We drove over to my daughter's future college to see if they had a t-shirt, but no.  Nothing at Fred Meyer, either.  We had lunch at Neiner Neiner Weiner, a hot dog place.  I love the name.  It happens to be just across the parking lot from Black Pearl. On the way home we stopped at La Gloria Market, one of few hispanic markets in the area, where we picked up a few items.

That evening my daughter, her roommate and I watched The Social Network.  I'm not on Facebook but they are.  It was late when the movie ended.  We never did get dinner.  Man, was I hungry!
Tuk-Tuk restaurant in Berkeley, CA

Next day I flew back to Oakland, California.  I was still in search of pizza fabric.  I was taking BART and I knew it was just a little farther to Berkeley and Stonemountain and Daughter fabric store.  So I went, suitcase in tow.  I found just the right fabric, then stopped at nearby Tuk-Tuk restaurant for dinner.  Back on BART to Pleasanton, then the hour drive home.

It was a great trip.

Lessons & tips: Be flexible about what you want to see and do during a visit.  Your host probably has plans and obligations, so be willing to compromise if necessary.

Resources: BART

It took me 5 days.

It made me happy

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  1. debbie, love the travelogue and photos! had to chuckle though, my DD would start to cry when we pulled into fabric store parking lot, age 4-5, so i can sooo relate!


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