Thursday, February 09, 2012

WIP Wednesday 2/8/2012

This week I finished Echoes - Cathy's Southwest. Actually I finished it about an hour after last week's WIP posting. You can see the finished quilt and read more about it here.

Centers of blocks for Echoes - Frog Quilt

Also this week I began Echoes - Frog Quilt, using scraps and leftovers from Frog Quilt, which was completed last October. Like Echoes - Cathy's Southwest, this quilt is a charity quilt for the Redwood Family Center. This group of quilts called Echoes, gets its name from having fabrics and color schemes in common with the original quilts.

Sequence of 35 numbers (representing 35 blocks), created by Random Sequence Generator at The numbers are arranged in seven rows of five, like the quilt design.

Following the sequence above, I laid out the 18 block centers wherever the numbers 1-18 appeared.

I moved just three block centers to find something that pleased my eye. I didn't want to fuss around too much. I wanted to retain the random look.

I filled in with plain blocks, trying to use identical fabrics (my preference) across each row. I had to piece only three blocks (woo-hoo!), and row three is the only row that is "different."

The turquoise/pink lily pad fabrics in the second row had the same frog in both, and it was a little too repetitive so I switched out the top left with the bottom left lily pad blocks. You may not be able to see a difference, but I like this arrangement better.

 Within the next couple of days I'll begin attaching narrow borders in bright green around each block center. This quilt will be very green, like the original. By the way, I considered using bright green in some of the plain blocks, but it seemed to be too much, so I used the olive green. I think the olive will tone down the brightness, so in the end I think I'll be glad I made that choice.

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