Saturday, February 25, 2012

Border Idea

Turquoise Scraps

I'm just about ready to do the borders for Echoes - Frog Quilt. I don't have enough turquoise yardage to do all one fabric, which is my preference. I decided to make a pieced border, or a partial one, using turquoise scraps. I pulled anything that was at least 4.5" long, in any width. I'll sew those together to make scrappy strips that are 4.5" tall. I doubt that there are enough scraps to go all the way around the quilt top, so I plan to buy a bit of turquoise yardage to fill in the empty spots. I'm thinking about wrapping the pieced strips around two opposite corners, namely the top left and bottom right corners, then filling in the gaps with solid. Something like below:

Border idea - Two scrappy pieced corners and two solid fabric corners

Here it is flipped horizontally. I almost like this way better. I'll experiment and see which one wins.

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  1. Both views are good; it just depends on where you want your 'viewers' to focus. Typically, eye focus goes to top left and bottom right. When I was directing color guard, we always placed our stronger participants in those corners to direct focus off the weaker participants. I like your material choices.



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