Monday, February 06, 2012

Echoes - Frog Quilt has begun

For co-worker Sara T.
Completed 10/19/2011
Scraps and leftovers being used to create Echoes - Frog Quilt
There were about a dozen units like these, cross-cuts from strip-piecing the original Frog quilt. My goal was to use up these strips first.

Two three-piece units

Sewn together

Not quite wide enough to get two 6.5" cuts, so added a strip to one end.
Cut roughly in the center

Trimmed to create two blocks measuring 6.5" (unfinished)

Two-piece units

Added strip to middle to make tall enough

Sewn together

Trimmed to make 6.5" unfinished block

18 pieced blocks

My design calls for 35 blocks, so I need 17 plain one-fabric blocks. Ideally I would be able to cut lots of 6.5" squares, but it's a good bet I'll have to do some piecing as I did in Echoes - Cathy's Southwest.

I plan to use lily pad fabric from the original Frog quilt. The print is a little feminine, but otherwise the quilt could be for a boy or girl. Like Echoes - Cathy's Southwest, this quilt will be given to Redwood Family Center.

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