Wednesday, February 22, 2012

WIP Wednesday 2/22/2012

Echoes - Frog Quilt
Main part of quilt top

This week I got the main part of Echoes - Frog Quilt sewn together. Still needed are two borders. The inner border I'm thinking of a turquoise, like in the lily pad blocks. That should help brighten up the quilt, which seems a bit dark right now. Then the outer border will be the same background green.

Remember to Play
Mixed Media Quilt
9" x 12"

Monday night I sewed my first mixed media piece, Remember to Play. I started with a greeting card that had a interesting photo of an old woman playing marbles, and went on from there. I feel that it needs a bit more embellishment. Tonight I picked up some buttons and snaps (substitute for buttons), and I'll sew a few to the piece, probably across the red ribbon and under the photo. The project was quick and fun (a couple of hours), and I'd like to continue making more.

Music and guitar fabrics for a quilt for Darrell, a musician friend.

Block for Darrell quilt
Guitar fabric will be in center, music fabric is in the corners. Alternating blocks will be slightly different.

Electric Quilt sketch for Darrell quilt

I've been wanting to make a quilt for Darrell, a musician friend. While I was out of town on Saturday I bought music and guitar fabrics from two different quilt shops. Both of the fabrics happened to be on my Wish List on Now I won't have to pay for shipping. Woo-hoo! Last night I found a cute block that would show off the guitar fabric nicely in the center and tonight I designed the quilt. It looks like I'll have enough of each fabric for the pattern. I'll get started on the project when I finish Echoes - Frog Quilt.

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