Monday, February 13, 2012

Targets for this week

I've taken a week off from my regular job. I won't be back at work until a week from Tuesday. I'd like to get some things accomplished during my time off, and not just putter the week away. I've had long weekends recently where I've parked myself on the sofa and didn't get up unless it was absolutely necessary. I don't want this week to end up like that.

Today I spent the morning with my 2-year-old granddaughter while my daughter-in-law (my new housekeeper) cleaned my house. We went to the gas station, PetSmart, Target and Del Taco. That was fun and much more productive than watching TV and dozing. So I'm off to a good start. My targets for tonight and the rest of the week:

Alter a pattern for a top and sew it up to see how it fits. If it works I can apply the adjustments to other patterns. I've had the pattern and fabric for months.

Attach border strips to the centers of Echoes - Frog Quilt, and assemble at least the main part of the quilt top for show-and-tell at Saturday's Sacramento Modern Quilt Guild meeting.

Make something from Sew Somerset, a magazine with projects that combine sewing with mixed-media. This will be my first attempt and I need to gather my courage, quiet the perfectionist in me and just do it - even if it doesn't turn out well. I'll learn a lot, if nothing else. And I'll probably do better on the next one.

Go on a day trip to Pacifica. I can't afford to stay the night this time, but I can still visit the ocean for a day. I'm planning to do that on Wednesday.

On Saturday I'll go to the aforementioned quilt guild meeting. This month we're meeting in Winters, about a 2-hour drive. My friend and co-worker Sharon E. will be coming with me. After the meeting we plan to have lunch in Winters at Putah Creek Cafe, as seen on Food Network's Diners, Drive-ins and Dives. Following lunch we'll be dropping off some fabric to benefit Vacaville Binky Patrol with friend Marilyn L., who coordinates the chapter. Marilyn and I are still working out the logistics but there's still plenty of time to figure it out. This will be the second donation I've made to the chapter, which really helps reduce my stash.

Once we've done the Vacaville thing, it will be on to Sacramento. My friend Sharon is interested in getting a Sacramento library card so she can borrow e-books and download them to her Kindle. I borrow e-books through Sacramento library, too, but I download them to my phone using a Kindle app. I'm thinking of going to Ikea West Sacramento, as well, to see if they have some fabric I want. I had my eye on the fabric for months and when I was ready to buy, they were Sacramento and in Emeryville. Darn! I was told that they should have more of the fabric in February. So, since I'm close, I'd might as well look.

So those are the things I'd like to get done this week. I'll try to report next Monday evening on how I did.

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