Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sets 3-5 of flower blocks finished

                                 Flower blocks - sets 3-5

Strips not long enough for 4 4.5" cuts. Combining two fabrics for a two-color flower.

Most purples in third set are solids.  Chose a subtle print for interest.

Two-fabric flower

Set 3 flower blocks

Set 4 flower blocks

Fabric for 5th set.  Dark, almost red.  Saved it for set needing fewest number of blocks (2).

Not enough fabric for 8 cuts.  Borrowed an unused fabric from another pile.

Set 5 flower blocks
Tonight I finished the flower blocks for Carolyn’s Flower Garden. In a couple of cases I didn’t have enough of a fabric to make four squares. So I used a second fabric to make a two-color flower. I even had to borrow an unused fabric from a previous set to get enough squares.

Tomorrow I’ll lay out the flower blocks on the design wall, then start on the sashing. With the absolute deadline of Thursday looming, I’m doing pretty well.

Design notes

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