Friday, June 03, 2011

A few butterflies made

Top: Butterfly pattern from Electric Quilt 6
Bottom: Pattern broken out into layers for cutting

Ready to cut butterfly shape freehand
Not bad

It came out pretty well.
Upper yellow shapes are a little too big, don't fit.

Trimmed the oversized pieces a bit. Much better now.

I’m making good progress on Butterflies, the Kona charm pack challenge. I chose an applique butterfly pattern on Electric Quilt 6. I decided to cut the pieces freehand so that each butterfly has its own personality. Sometimes the pieces didn’t fit when layered on the previous fabric so I just trimmed them a little until they did. On a couple of butterflies I felt like they needed extra accent color so I cut out some small pieces and placed them in the “empty” spots.

Butterfly wing parts fused together.
Trying out body. Too wide.

Trimmed body a bit, looks better.

Antennae added

When I was happy with the way the wings looked I fused the layers together. Next I cut the body and antennae from the black painted fabric, which is not backed with fusible web. I plan to use fabric glue to attach the black pieces to the butterfly wings and background. I think that will be enough to keep them in place for machine applique.

So far I’ve assembled three butterflies. They look pretty good, but a couple don’t have the big color contrast I like. I had thought about using matching thread to applique the edges of the fabrics. But now I’m considering stitching in black to give the butterflies more pop.
Design notes

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