Sunday, June 05, 2011

Butterflies assembled

Sheer with tiny clear beads and sparkly glitter

Preparing to cut last butterfly.
Sheer is inside.  You can see it peeking next to the yellow flower pins.

Sheer matches wings size-wise pretty well.

I finished the last butterfly. Since I was adding the sheer, I left the wings fairly simple. I added good-sized pieces of accent fabric to the bottom half of the wings, and just slivers to the top half, where the most sparkle is in the sheer. I have not fused the sheer to the butterfly. I plan to fabric glue it in place later, then machine applique the edges.

The body of the first butterfly, dark purple and yellow, was bothering me. I cut a sleeker body and swapped it out. I like it better.

Next step, arrange butterflies on background, fuse them into place, then machine applique the edges. I keep going back and forth on the color thread to use. Right now I’m thinking of choosing a darker version of the fabric, rather than black. I may try a test butterfly and see which way I prefer.
Design notes

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