Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Not much time to make the quilt

Carolyn, a co-worker, is retiring soon. I didn’t realize how soon until yesterday when I spoke to her. Her last day is next Thursday. I decided I needed to make her a quilt, as I have for many retiring co-workers. Although I didn’t know her very well previously, yesterday I learned that she likes to garden and that her favorite color is purple.
Stash fabrics - larger pieces


Organized Chaos Grid and Color Breakdown

Fabric piles - Embroidery floss skeins indicate Organized Chaos color assignments for piles

So last night I adapted a simple flower pattern in Electric Quilt. The flower pattern (9” fin.) is basically four squares with bits of fabric attached here and there in a Liberated Quiltmaking style to form the yellow center and hints of green leaves on the edges. I want the quilt to look a bit scrappy and shopped my stash for most of it. I’ll need to get some fabric for the wide sashing—I’m thinking white-on-white or a pale blue (sky).

I’ll have to hurry on this one!

Design notes

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