Thursday, June 02, 2011

Have inspiration

             Building in downtown Victoria, British Columbia
I just recently found out about the Fast Friday Fabric Challenge for quilters. Criteria are set and quilters have one week to complete a quilt. This month’s challenge is to make something inspired by Art Deco.

Close-up of metal work

My daughter and I recently visited Victoria, BC Canada. While we were there I saw a building with metal work that reminded me of Frank Lloyd Wright. I took a picture and that is the inspiration for my quilt. My thought is to try to re-create the metal work. The finished piece will be wallhanging size. Apparently the Yahoo group is not open to new members, and I’m not worried about trying to finish the quilt in two days. I’m happy to do the challenge on my own and in my own time.

Update: I have learned that the building is Sussex Place, 1001 Douglas Street at Broughton.

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