Friday, June 11, 2010

Sweet and Sour Top Done

I finished the Sweet and Sour quilt top on Friday night.

Sweet and Sour quilt top
Read on for details on trimming and laying out of the blocks

Drafting a pattern for 15.5" unfinished block.
Drawn on tracing paper.  The X helps center the pattern.

Pattern laid on block.  Mark corners.  (I use ultra fine permanent ink pen.) Remove pattern, use ruler and rotary cutter to cut to size.

Block trimmed to 15.5" unfinished

Two more blocks trimmed to size

Marking on black/green batik wasn't going to work. Snipped about 1/2" on either side of the corner, cut away to reveal desired corner.

Four of five rows laid out as numbered.  Four more blocks (fruit with no numbers) to be placed.

This area bothers me.  See the center blocks where the red, dark greens and oranges line up one on another.  Just too matchy-matchy.

Worked fruit blocks into layout.

Moved some blocks around

Matchy-matchy happening again--see the center area.

More moving around.  Could play around for days, but happy with this arrangement.

Quilt top sewn together

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