Friday, June 04, 2010

Sweet and Sour Color Runs, Revision

I had decided that the light green mottled fabric was too boring for large chunks, so I tried out a couple of more interesting possibilities, shown below.

Dark Yellow Star

Reddish Stripe - My pick

Design notes for photos below
(My scanner is finally working, for the first time ever!)

Dark to light

Divided into 5 piles:  roughly dark/medium/light

Flipped the medium stack

Switched two of the lights to mix them better

From the top of each stack I drew a dark, then a medium, and a light.  I repeated dark/medium/light until all the fabrics were drawn.  It looked pretty good, but the top of the run looked muddy (sorry, no photo), so I changed out a couple.

This is the final color run.

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