Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Sweet and Sour Color Runs

Last night I did some organizing of the Sweet and Sour fabrics.

I don't have a full fat quarter of the jungle fabric, so I chose the mottled green to supplement it.

There were two extra fabrics, which will serve as alternates.

I'm planning to use this to frame the cowboy picture.  The strips aren't very wide, maybe 6", but I think they'll work out to create a fat quarter sized block from the cowboy piece.

Here are the large prints that will be set aside until late in the block-making process.  I don't want these to get too chopped up. [As I write today, I think the green is a little boring for large chunks.  I'm going to substitute the reddish stripe or the yellow star fabric for the green.]

I took the remaining fabrics and arranged them in color runs--light to dark, then mixed them up a couple more times.  The notes above kind of explain what happened in the next four photos.

I think that the top part of this color run still is too dark while the bottom is too light.  I may take a few darker pieces and move them down a bit for better balance of light and dark.

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  1. Love those colors, and it's great to see your process - thanks for sharing!

    You might like to see what other quilters and sewers are sharing over at www.WeAllSew.com. Lots of great links, including a growing list of organizations that are looking for volunteer help to "Sew to Serve" others!


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