Saturday, June 19, 2010

Piper's Polka Dots and David's Plaids

Currently I'm working on two projects: Piper's Polka Dots and David's Plaids. Piper's Polka Dots is for my new granddaughter Piper. Her bedroom walls are painted pale lime green with huge dinner plate sized pink polka dots all over them. Her quilt has a scrappy background of lime green squares, and will have big pink polka dots scattered on it.

I'm also working on David's Plaids for retiring co-worker David, who wears plaid and denim shirts often. He went to school with George Lucas of Star Wars and American Graffiti fame, and has fond memories of cruising around Modesto as a teenager. I chose the block Dad's Plaids, which will feature a red plaid, denim, white and navy. In the alternating plain squares will go a navy/red/white fabric with 50's cars, diners and motels--to give an American Graffiti feel. That fabric was my second choice, actually. Earlier I found a great Mel's Drive-in type of print, which would have been fantastic. But the car hops' shorts were way, way, way too short and showed way, way, way too much leg to be included in a quilt for buttoned-up David. I think I made a good judgment call.

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