Sunday, June 27, 2010

Projects Update 6/27/10

I finished the background for Piper's Polka Dots several days ago.  It's in two large sections, as I will quilt them separately.  I set that project aside to work on David's Plaids, for co-worker David who will retire this week.  The main part of the quilt top is done, and I'm attaching the borders now.  My goal is to finish the quilt tonight and present it tomorrow.  Then tomorrow evening I plan to begin Jennifer's Fairies, for Jennifer--another co-worker who is retiring this week.  The title is a play on Jennifer's last name, and features a pretty fairy fabric.  That quilt will be a quick one!

I have no photos to show for any of the projects just yet, as I'm busy sewing, but I'll post them by this time next week.

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