Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Make It Monday 6/30/2014

Fabrics for Superman quilt
Each column plus Superman print on bottom will make 5 scrappy blocks

Cut Superman print 13" square, set aside for later

Bottom layer, also 13" square

None of the second Superman print was 13" square. I'd have to layer scraps. Here I've cut the largest piece 13" wide and a little shy of 13" tall.

Second scrap - more than 5" tall and more than 6.5" wide.

Third scrap - same as above
There are areas of overlap, which will be resolved in cutting later.

This is probably the fourth layer. Having to do some overlapping again.

Fourth layer complete

Brought back the Superman square, placed on top.

First cut, through all 5+ layers.

Second cut

Third cut - added since last blog post. It makes the overall design seem more complicated, eliminates the need to trim a 1/2" from the edge of a long strip.

All four sections

Next I went through each stack, removing the "waste" strips.
Here they are for this first set of blocks.

Once I removed all of the waste strips, I re-organized the sections Stack the Deck style so that there was a variety of fabrics in each block, with no exact repeats.

First block, top and bottom pairs of fabrics sewn together

First block completed

First five Superman blocks done

I repeated the steps to make the second set of blocks - 10 Superman blocks done, in total.

There are three more sets of five blocks to go. I should have them finished by the weekend.


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