Thursday, July 03, 2014

WIP Wednesday 7/2/2014

I've set aside Superman Remixed temporarily to work on a quick quilt, for co-worker Kristina, who is leaving the office soon. My spy tells me that Kristina likes rabbits. My own spying of her desk area reveals that she likes purple, too.

I've had both of the fabrics in my stash for years. I don't think they're from the same line, but they look really good together.

Electric Quilt sketch

Rabbit fabric

Using template to make a rabbit the center of each square. Traced around the template with a Frixion pen. The ink disappears with the touch of an iron.

Square drawn

Was able to cut 12 squares from the 1/2 yard of rabbit fabric. These are the two variations. I'll cut as many squares of the floral print as I can, but there's only a fat quarter. I'll need to fill in a few squares with another fabric, to be determined later.

Each square will be surrounded by wide sashing in this white-on-white print. 

The quilt has a quick deadline. The design is simple, so it should go quickly.



  1. lovely gift for a colleague who is moving on. I love the rabbit fabric. So cute and it does go well with the floral too

  2. A nice gift, love the animal print.

  3. A good use for this print. It will look great. Have a nice weekend.

  4. I can't wait to see where this goes, enjoy!!!


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