Thursday, July 31, 2014

WIP Wednesday - Super Mario Brothers Quilt in Progress

I've set aside the Superman Remixed quilt temporarily to work on a quilt with a Super Mario Brothers theme. The quilt is for Dominic, the grandson of my good friend Thomasina W. The idea came from a post that I shared on Facebook that had a picture of a Super Mario Brother, with a link on how to turn an image into a quilt pattern. See here. Thomasina told me that her grandson would like it becuase he likes Super Mario Brothers. Within a few minutes I decided to make a Super Mario Brothers quilt. We agreed that there were way too many pieces in the pictured quilt pattern (think counted cross-stitch pattern) but I figured I could find theme fabric and go from there.

After searching the internet for a while, I found the fabric above at Spoonflower is not your regular online fabric store. You choose a design you like (or create your own), select a size and fabric, and Spoonflower will print the fabric for you to order. I bought from Spoonflower a few years ago -- the Boston Terrier themed fabric for Cristine's Bosties. Just to let you know, the fabric is a bit pricey, $14.00 plus $1.00 shipping for a fat quarter in organic cotton sateen (recommended over flimsier basic combed cotton). I ordered a fat quarter of the sateen both times.


Electric Quilt sketch
Light blue fabric represents the theme fabric. Normally I can squeeze nine 5.5" cut squares out of a fat quarter, and that's what I went with for this design.

Fabric cut 5.5" square - nine of these

Narrow red strips attached to the sides

Narrow red strips attached to top and bottom

Nine Super Mario Brothers blocks done
Wide blue sashing will be added next, followed by a narrow red inner border, then a wide blue border.

Dominic's birthday is mid-August. I plan to get the quilt top done in the next couple of days, and probably finish the quilt in next week so Thomasina can give the quilt to Dominic at his birthday party.


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  1. Pricey but worth it! That fabric is adorable!


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