Monday, June 30, 2014

The Neighbors Never Knew

The Neighbors Never Knew art prompt #artjournal
The Neighbors Never Knew prompt #artjournal, a photo by quilter4010 on Flickr.

I think people know me as a quiet, reserved, buttoned-up lady. But I do have a wild side to me, known by close friends and family. The photo above is me behind my daughter Lisa on her motorcycle. We didn't actually go anywhere, since I didn't have a helmet during my visit with her. That photo still gets comments from friends who thought they knew me. 

I like to put my face close to the windows of tall buildings, freaking out travel companions who are afraid of heights. I enjoy having the full force of wind and rain on me; it's exhilarating. I travel using public transportation to places I've never been, with the chance of getting lost. Yes, there's a bit of daredevil in me. It makes life fun.

Items used: Snippets of thread from the recently finished quilt Darlene, scrapbook paper, flyer from a church bulletin, magazine cutout, antique buttons.

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  1. How fun - another quilting motorcycle rider!! Great picture :)


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