Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Make It Monday 6/23/2014

Fabrics leftover from two Superman quilts
Beginnings of a charity quilt

I don't have a quilt due for a while, which is unusual for me. I made a list of different projects that I could work on, mostly scraps from earlier quilts. I typed the list onto the List Randomizer at Random.org, thenhit the randomize button a few times to really mix up the list. The project at the top was Echo - Superman. Echo quilts are my term for quilts made mostly from leftovers of previous quilts. Echo quilts usually are made for charity, like this Superman quilt will be.

The fabrics are leftover from two Superman quilts: Superman and Superman Opus No. 2 in A Double Flat Minor. I'm going to combine the fabrics to make one new quilt.

I haven't decided on a quilt pattern yet, but I'm leaning strongly toward a Turning Twenty variation, which I've used several times in the past. I'll probably add some other fabrics, like navy.

I'll begin working on the quilt in the next couple of days.

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