Thursday, March 08, 2012

WIP Wednesday 3/7/2012

This week I did a pillowcase finish on Echoes - Frog Quilt.
Here is the quilt turned right side out.

A peek at the back of the quilt.

My work space in the choir room at my church.
I usually lay out the quilt sandwich on my bed, but the previous Echo quilt was too big to be workable. These tables were a better solution.

Backing fabric - frogs on purple and white polka dot fabric.
There's no purple on the front of the quilt, but the frogs fit the theme of the original quilt, and at $2.97 per yard on clearance, it was a good choice.

My first task was to sew the backing. Here it is draped over one of the sofas.

I laid out the quilt top on the tables to get an idea of how big the backing and batting needed to be. If I cut them a little bigger than the table I should be okay.

Here's another angle.

Laying out the batting. It was king sized, a donation.

The batting hangs off the table quite a bit.

I trimmed the batting even with the width of the three tables, knowing there would be extra.

I trimmed the top and bottom edges, leaving a foot or so. Next I laid the quilt top over the batting. I wished I'd brought tape with me to keep the batting from moving, but I managed. I stuck pins through the layers to hold them in place. 

Quilt top placed right side down on the backing, pinned the layers together.

I made my way around the quilt, trimming to about an inch from the quilt top's edge. The layers are held together with hair clips. The fourth edge was going to be hard to reach, but I figured out that I could get to it easily by moving a table. I have to remember that trick for the future.

Layers sewn together along the edges of the quilt top, leaving a space unsewn for turning right side out. Topstitching closes the opening, and continues all around the perimeter of the quilt.

Once again, the quilt top.
Tonight I began tying knots in the quilt. The quilt should be finished in a couple of days.

Sunday night I added some embellishments to Remember to Play, a mixed media piece. There are marble-looking buttons and little black beads on the red ribbon. The red buttons near the bottom are a little crooked, but I like them. The piece feels finished now. I like its playful mood.

Spring Flowers Quilt - EQ Sketch

Above is a sketch of a quilt I'll be making this month. I'm planning to use lots of different purples, one fabric for each flower - my preference versus several purples in one flower. The quilt will be paper-pieced, but I may not worry about being too exact. I'd like each flower to have its own personality. I may even draw each paper piecing pattern individually, which would give each one a unique shape. I'll start the quilt in a few days. The Darrell quilt (guitars and music) will wait till Spring Flowers is done.

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  1. glad you green quilt is getting done, the frogs are a great fit on the back.... I remember laying things out like that too... now I have a long arm machine, it's SO much easier :-) love your EQ sketch!! that would be FUN.... maybe just change every other flower a little or flip them? then in different purples and maybe different green stems too would look great!


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