Thursday, March 15, 2012

Shin Zen Garden in Fresno

Last Saturday friend Lena R. and I drove to Fresno, California to Woodward Park, to visit the Japanese Shinzen Garden. I used to go there two or three times a year, but it had been a couple of years since I'd visited. It seems that since I started going to Sacramento once a month for the Sacramento Modern Quilt Guild, I stopped going to the garden. I had a free weekend, including a Sunday off from playing the piano from church, so I decided to go.

Just outside the entrance

View of the gardens - just inside the gate

I knew there were peacocks in the garden, and I kept hearing a loud one nearby. I was very surprised to see the noisy peacock high overhead in the tree. I didn't know they could fly like that. Wow!

View of the garden, not far from my favorite bench

Waterfall near my favorite bench. I love to hear the water and look on the gardens. It is peaceful and quiet there, with very few visitors.

View from the moon bridge,across the koi pond, looking back toward my sitting area

The trees were beginning to bloom, as were the flowers. I don't think I'd ever been here in spring. How beautiful!

Closer look at what may be cherry blossoms. I love the mix of green, white and pinks.

Blue flowers making an appearance

Pretty white flowers

Another waterfall, this one quieter

Little river and bridge

On the way to the restroom Lena and I came upon this fellow. I don't know if he was the same peacock that was high in the tree.

The view from my favorite bench. The waterfall is to my left. I've spent many an afternoon here in the tranquility...sometimes in the rain. For $3 admission (plus $5 per car to get into the park), it's a great value.

Cottage Quilts

After the leaving the garden, Lena and I had lunch at P.F. Chang. I love that place and we had a wonderful meal. Then we headed to Cottage Quilts for our first visit. I was looking for a purple fat quarter or two for the Spring Flowers quilt, but walked out empty-handed. Next we drove to Quilter's Paradise in Clovis, where I picked up a fat quarter. Following that, a stop at a nearby Hancock Fabric, then we headed home. It was a fun day. I won't wait so long to come back to the Japanese garden.

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