Sunday, March 18, 2012

Four Spring Flowers Sewn Together

Spring Flowers paper-pieced blocks, still to be trimmed to 8.5" x 16.5" unfinished

Here's a brief update on Spring Flowers quilt, which has a very quick deadline. After much preparation and planning, I started sewing the paper-pieced flower blocks last night. I got one completely sewn together, and one in three sections. I took them to the Sacramento Modern Quilt Guild meeting today as part of my show and tell. After working this evening, I now have four flower blocks sewn together. I'm waiting until all of the blocks are sewn together before I trim them to the desired size of 8.5" x 16.5" unfinished. I need to get eight blocks done tomorrow to stay on track.

I usually have the television on while I sew, but I can get distracted and end up watching TV instead of sewing. When I have a tight deadline, as I have now, I leave the TV off and listen to Pandora radio through my smartphone. (I used to listen to music on Dish, but I lost all of my music channels when I downgraded.) I get entertainment without distraction. It works for me.


  1. I'll say it's working! Now, are these paper or free form pieced? In any case, they are just lovely!

  2. Thanks, Michele. They are paper pieced, but I drew the detail lines free-hand so they are not exactly the same. Petals and stems will be different sizes, at different angles, etc., which should make each of them unique - not just a different purple fabric. I could have done them free-form, but I was afraid the proportions would be way off. I just referred to a sketch and eyeballed the detail lines. I'll be posting more detail soon.

  3. Looks like you are moving along Debbie! Great to see you at the meeting on Saturday. :)


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