Tuesday, December 27, 2011

First Blocks for Echoes Quilt

First blocks for Echoes - Cathy's Southwest

Triangles and half-square triangle units leftover from the original Cathy's Southwest quilt

Pairing up turqoise and gold triangles. They aren't necessarily the same size.

New half-square triangle, not necessarily square, but I'm not concerned.

Added scraps from the original quilt, not worrying about symmetry, then trimmed to 6.5" unfinished square.

Every unit is a little bit different, and not like anything seen in the original quilt. I need 35 units and these took a couple of hours to make. I may make a few more like these, then simplify to save time. Each will be surrounded by medium purple solid, a bit lighter than the purple seen here. (My eye likes scrappy blocks against a consistent background and vice versa.)

I'll crank out some more units today.

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  1. Your second quilt from these colors will be as striking as the first one! Love those colors together!


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