Monday, December 26, 2011

Echoes Quilts

Echoes Quilt - Grayscale
Each quilt will echo the colors of a recently finished quilt, using scraps whenever possible.

Some time ago I announced that I would be making quilts for a local family center where mothers who are in recovery from addiction live with their children. I decided that at least some of the quilts would be similar to recently finished quilts. I am calling them Echoes.

Cathy's Southwest

I'm beginning the first quilt today, which is an echo of Cathy's Southwest. It will have a similar color scheme, and while I will try to use up scraps to capture the mood of the original quilt, I will not attempt to mimic its blocks. I designed the quilts to be quick to make, using simple blocks. I hope that the recipients of the original quilts will be happy that an echo of their quilt will be going to a good cause.


  1. I love that idea Debbie! I have a few quilts I could donate.... Maybe the next quild meeting I will bring them to you.

  2. That sounds fantastic, Melody! There are a lot of beds to cover, and I'm sure your beautiful quilts will be appreciated.


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