Saturday, December 17, 2011

Began Sewing A is for Angela

A is for Angela - Electric Quilt Sketch

Theme fabric on the left; accompanying fabrics on right

Tonight I started sewing A is for Angela, a quilt for Angela, the young daughter of co-worker Margarita A., who provided an animal and alphabet theme print. Margarita asked me to bring out the pink in the print, and I found a medium pink solid, a pale pink dot, and a burgundy similar to the one in the dot fabric. To show off the theme fabric and to avoid chopping up the larger areas, I chose a 16-patch checkerboard using the medium and pale pinks. The checkerboards will be alternated with large squares of the theme fabric. Burgundy will be used for a narrow inner border, then the medium pink will be used again for a wide outer border.

Strip piecing for the checkerboard. The strip set is actually twice the length shown. I folded it in half to avoid a very tall, narrow photo.

I cross-cut the strip set. Here are four of the 15 cross-cut units.

I flipped every other unit.

Here is the checkerboard sewn together. Twelve more of these need to be sewn, but they go together quickly.

My goal is to finish the quilt right away and deliver to Margarita in time for Christmas. I should be able to pull it off.
Design notes


  1. that looks great and what a cute fabric. wow you are brave, I thought I was nuts having time crunches, but I'm good now :-)

  2. Thanks, beaquilter. Yes, I'm a little crazy. I stay up late every night, which helps me get quilts done quickly. Angela's quilt is pretty simple. I should make my self-imposed deadline just fine. :)


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