Sunday, August 29, 2010

Beige Floral Part 3

Left, center section quilted.  Right, side section to be joined and quilted.

Design notes

Trimming quilted section where side will be joined
Quilted area trimmed

Right section (top) will be joined to quilted center (bottom)
Pinned right sides together.  Unquilted side section is on top.  Quilted sandwich is on bottom.
Setting up backing, which goes under quilted section, right sides together.
Batting added to back of all layers.
All layers pinned together (excess batting trimmed).

View from the back.

Trimming excess batting

Pinned together, ready to sew through all six layers

Layers sewn together

View from the back

Take to the ironing board.  Press on front side of quilt.  I don't press on batting side, in case it melts.  Open up layers so right sides of top are showing on front and right sides of backing are showing on the back.  Batting will be in the center.  Press.  The seam will be lumpy.  It doesn't bother me but you can trim out some backing from the seam allowances if you like.

View from the back

Center, right side sections joined together.

View of the back

View of edge where sections were joined
Folded back top and batting to spray wrong side of backing with basting spray.  Folded batting down on sprayed backing.  Sprayed batting, folded top onto batting.

Side section spray basted, ready for quilting

After side section was quilted, joined other side section using above method.

Center, side sections quilted.  Note top/bottom borders are already attached.  Next step, attach side borders.

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