Sunday, August 29, 2010

Beige Floral Part 2

Blocks with dark center (throwaway)

With theme corner block

Blocks paired up.  Will be cutting up and switching pieces between each pair.
Center blocks

Blocks cut:  Vertically along each side.  Then horizontally along top and bottom.

Swapped top/bottom pieces.

Swapped side pieces

Top and bottom pieces sewn to center.

Side pieces sewn on

Block trimmed up
All pairs of blocks cut, swapped and sewn together.  One leftover block from center (throwaway, not shown) will be given to Project Linus, along with scraps from this and other quilts. 

Blocks sewn together in three columns

This and next photo:  Auditioning border fabrics

Settled for this green print.  Really wanted a purple floral found at Joann's.  On sale, but still too much.  Green less expensive.  Looks okay.

Design notes
Not happy with green border, gave in and bought purple floral, seen above.
Preparing to quilt.  Quilting in sections:  center, sides.  Started with center section; quilt layers spray basted.  Using 1/4" quilting tape to mark the edge for quilting, leaving seam allowance unquilted.

Stitched curved lines from corner to corner around beige floral and brown toile areas.

Back of quilt (center section)

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