Monday, August 09, 2010

Beige Floral Blocks Finished

Blocks for Beige Floral Quilt
Approx. 17" unfinished
All from stash

Tonight I finished the Slice 'Em and Dice 'Em blocks for the Beige Floral quilt.  I plan to assemble the quilt in 3-block horizontal columns, quilting each column separately.

I picked up a pretty green and beige floral for the border.  The back will be an off-white with large beige flowers that I bought about a week ago.  The backing seems a little light, and I considered trying to overdye it to make it more medium, but I decided to leave it just as it is.

The quilt will be given to my church, to be distributed to someone going through a difficult time.

More photos and process details to come.

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