Tuesday, April 20, 2010

State of the Stash Report April 2010

Members of Stashbuster are expected to give a stash report during their birthday month.  So here goes mine.

Most of my fabric stash is made up of smaller sizes, fat quarter to 1 yard.  I keep them in gallon zip bags by color family.  Total:  39 bags

Many of the larger pieces, up to 2.5 yards, are in 4 huge zip bags.  Consolidated, they would fit into 2 of the bags easily.  About half of this fabric is likely to be made into charity quilts.  There is a full "paper" box of fabric set aside for charity.

Scraps 1" to 13" wide of various lengths, organized by width and cool/warm colors:  Six 12" x 12" drawers plus 1 small lunch bag--all very full.  I do not keep all of my scraps.  I have a grocery bag near my sewing machine where I deposit the scraps that no longer interest me.  When the bag gets full, I donate the scraps to Project Linus.  I figure someone will enjoy making beautiful quilts out of my castoffs.

PIGs (Projects in Grocery Bags):  10, with about half of those set aside for charity

UFOs (UnFinished Objects):  I tend to do my projects start to finish, so I have just 6 items that sit unfinished.  Of those, one can be finished as a wallhanging for 4th of July.  Two can be finished and given to charity.  The remaining three projects I am quite proud of and would like to be quilted professionally with the intent of displaying in a quilt show someday.

WIPs (Works in Progress):  Cathy's Southwest, which is actually two quilts.  Quilter's Playtime, which I am working on this week during my at-home retreat. Chantelle de la Mer, project from Ricky Tims Caveman Quilting.

I weighed all of the above to have something to compare to this time next year.  All told, my stash weighs 133 pounds, of which 27 pounds is designated for charity.  Not too bad, I think.  We'll see where I am a year from now.

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