Saturday, April 24, 2010

Musical Chairs Blocks

Today was the fifth and final day of my at-home retreat.  Continuing on with the book Quilters Playtime, I worked on Musical Chairs blocks.

Left:  Main fabrics + wild card (orange)         Right:  Alternates
All fabrics are from stash

The main fabrics and wild card were stacked and cut into nine pieces, kind of a wonky nine-patch, then each stack, minus the wild card, was laid out on the design wall in the prescribed way, similar to Karla Alexander's Stack the Deck.

Main fabrics - original order

At this point you have the option of swapping out some pieces for wild card pieces or from the alternate fabrics.  I brought in some wild card and some black.

With some pieces swapped out

First Musical Chairs block assembled

Nine Musical Chairs blocks sewn

I think the blocks look very much like stained glass, and I've decided to put the blocks together in an Attic Windows setting.  I've been wanting to do an Attic Windows, so this is a great time to do it.  I'm thinking of using some black trim along the seam lines of the blocks to imitate leading.  Another possibility for leading is 1/4" black bias tape, which I believe is self-adhesive.  I'm not sure about window frame color yet.  I may think of something good later.


  1. I like your musical blocks, I also am reminded of stained glass! Looks like your stay at home retreat was quite successful...not sure I could do that...I get so distracted with other stuff I have to do.

  2. Very nice of you to share these in progress photos - helps us all to learn. Thank you.


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