Friday, April 16, 2010

Birthday and Quilting Retreat Plans

Today is my birthday!  I'm headed to Pacifica (a little south of San Francisco) just for the day.  This year I'm passing on my annual three-day quilting trip by the sea in Pacifica, applying the money I would have spent toward an October vacation to the East Coast with my sister Cass.  If those plans fall through, I can do my quilting trip at that time, so it's win-win for me.

I'm off work for the next week, and I'm planning a staycation at home.  I plan some little excursions close by.  Also, I'm going to do an in-home quilting retreat, as if I were at the ocean.  I need to set some rules for myself, such as no TV or computer during quilting time--just like when I'm in Pacifica.  Without the distractions of TV and computer, I am able to focus on sewing.

I haven't nailed down which quilting projects I'm going to tackle during my retreat yet.  Perhaps I can figure that out as I travel on BART today.

Pacific ocean, here I come!


  1. Happy birthday! It is a beautiful day in Pacifica and I hope you enjoy your day. Thanks for linking to my blog!

  2. Happy Birthday, Debbie!

    Hope you have a great retreat at home.



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