Sunday, April 18, 2010

Papillons de Paris Update

Here's an update on the progress of Papillons de Paris.
Theme fabric not yet trimmed to size

I sewed together the blocks on the sides, as well as the top and bottom--leaving the corner blocks alone.  Then I meausred the blocks strips.  The side pieces were 50" long, and the top and bottom pieces were 30" wide.  That gave me the dimensions to cut the theme fabric for the center.

Theme fabric folded in quarters and laid on the cutting mat.

The first cut is along the right (quilt bottom) at 25", half of the needed length.  The next cut is across the top (quilt side) at 15", half of the needed width.

Theme fabric fits into the center area.

Narrow border added in dark chocolate brown.

My original design called for another border in the medium brown print.  Earlier tonight I decided I liked the idea of the mottled pink better.  However, the narrow chocolate brown seems to finish off the quilt just fine.  The quilt will not be as wide as I usually like, but it will be fine.

By the way, I went shopping for backing last week and after trying out several possibilities, decided to go with the butterfly fabric that I know I love.

I'm off work this next week, and have no travel plans, so I have time to sew during the day.  Tomorrow I will do the quilting, and I should have a finished product by tomorrow night.

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