Thursday, November 15, 2012

WIP Wednesday 11/14/2012

Tonight I pieced together a back for the Africa Hope quilt, using leftover fabric.

Bottom fabric is from Africa. Had lots of it left.

Where the fabrics were joined.

Added long piece of the African fabric to complete the back.

Where the three fabrics come together.

During the next couple of days I'll do a pillowcase finish, then tie a few knots to hold the layers together. I intend to take the nearly-finished quilt to Saturday's Sacramento Modern Quilt Guild meeting for show-and-tell. Later in the day I'll deliver the quilt to my friend Debbie S., who commissioned the quilt, and who will tie the rest of the dozens of knots.

Possible fabrics for the next quilt: office fundraiser. Have had the Scottie dog fabric for many, many years. The other fabrics may change a little, but the Scottie dog is a keeper.

EQ Sketch of the quilt I plan to make
It will be quick one, to be finished by the end of Thanksgiving weekend.



  1. EQ looks like a fabulous program. I'd love to have it, but just can't justify the $$. I like your little quilt show widget on your side bar.

  2. Thanks, moonlightsewing. I'm glad you enjoy the quilt show.

    I've used EQ for many years, upgrading as new versions come along. I make a lot of quilts and nearly every one is designed in EQ, so I get my money's worth. I love it!


  3. I really like the new quilt project. The blocks looks super fun.

  4. Thanks, Jenn. Just bought fabric to go with the Scottie dogs: red solid, white on white dot, plus a solid off-white for the back. You'll get to see the collection at tomorrow's Sacramento Modern Quilt Guild meeting.



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