Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Make It Monday 11/5/2012

The latest Hope of Hartford blocks

This week I'm continuing to work on the Africa Hope quilt. I got a rough start tonight, having to rip out four seams...not once, but twice. Each time, 30 seconds to sew and 10 minutes to undo. Not fun. Finally I got on track and completed two Hope of Hartford blocks.

Eight blocks to go! I should get a few more done tomorrow night.

What are your quilting plans for the week? Please leave a comment about them. I'd love to hear.



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    1. Thanks, patchouli. My friend Debbie S., who commissioned the quilt, chose or approved all of the fabrics, some of which I pulled from my stash. The quilt will be indeed colorful. :) Debbie

    2. P.S. In order to emphasize wild abandon with the quilt, within each block I'm trying to mix fabrics that I wouldn't normally put together. I just want it to be fun.

  2. I am sewing for the grandbaby! Making a cover for the co-sleeper, then bumper pads, and a simple quilt using scraps from those projects!

    1. Sounds like fun, Judy! Let us know how we can see pictures of your projects if/when you post them. Is this your first grandbaby? Debbie


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