Wednesday, November 02, 2011

WIP Wednesday 11/2/2011

Sampling of components from Cathy's Southwest

I finished Wavy Irish Chain on Monday. It turned out great, and I’m glad I decided to make the edges wavy. Straight edges would not have been as interesting. The quilt finished a bit bigger than I planned. It’s too wide for the space that I usually display my wallhangings, but I’ll find a spot.

I began working again on Cathy’s Southwest, a quilt for co-worker Cathy C., whose Southwest-themed shirt provided the inspiration. I haven’t touched the project for a couple of years, but I want to get the quilt done this month. Cathy knows I’m making a quilt, but she doesn’t know it’s for her. It’s been so long since I told her about the quilt, she may think I’ve abandoned it. And that’s fine, because I want the quilt to be a surprise.

In a side note, tomorrow I’m off to seaside Pacifica, CA just south of San Francisco for my third annual quilting-by-the-sea retreat. I have an ocean-view room, where I sew for three days. I look forward to it every year.

During my trip I’ll work on Cathy’s quilt, but I also enjoy working through artsy quilting books and teaching myself new techniques. In the past I’ve worked through Quilter’s Playtime, and I’ll probably continue in that since there are techniques I haven’t done yet. In addition I may start working through Think Outside the Block, a book I’ve had for years.

I’m planning to have lots of fun!

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