Friday, November 11, 2011

Pacifica Quilting Retreat 2011, Day 3

Pacifica, CA

Saturday, the last day of my quilting retreat by the sea. I figured I could sew for a little bit before I had to pack up. I wanted to try to get the fourth strip sewn onto the wonky squares that I had worked on Friday night. I couldn't get the bedside light to turn on and my sewing machine didn't work. Both of them were plugged into an extension cord. Try as I might, I couldn't get anything electrical to work. I remembered that during the night I heard something drop from behind my bed, like a plug, then a green light stopped shining on the ceiling. (Later I figured out the green light was from my cell phone charger.) It seemed like a fuse had blown, as I couldn't get my iron to turn on in a different plug, either. Crud!

Unable to do any sewing, by now it was less than an hour till checkout, so I packed up. Just before I closed the door to the room for the last time, I went back to double-check that I hadn't left anything behind. Looked pretty empty. Then I saw two sets of plastic drawers full of scraps that I had set on top of the TV stand/dresser. I gasped, loaded the scrap drawers into the car, then checked out. I told the motel manager about the power being out. I assume he got the power on again.

With the car all packed, I walked to my favorite bench for one last session of enjoying the waves.

 I passed this car on the way to the beach. The design of the license plate frame might find its way into a quilt sometime.
Little black bird
Just as I was getting in the car to leave Pacifica a few of these little birds landed near my car. I grabbed my phone to get some photos. If you read my entry about Day 2 of this trip, you'll know I've been obsessed with these little birds for years. Well, it turns out that the sheen that I for so long thought was red, is actually green!

I am a big Food Network fan, and when I can, I visit restaurants that are mentioned on Food Network. I found out recently that there was a Sprinkles cupcake store in Palo Alto. Sprinkles stores are owned by Cupcake Wars judge Candace Nelson. Palo Alto is about 30 miles from Pacifica, so I figured while I was close, I'd might as well go.

As I was driving to Palo Alto, I passed a sign for Filoli Gardens, which was recommended by friend and co-worker Debbie S. I made a mental note to visit sometime, then go to Half Moon Bay for the ocean.
I got to Palo Alto, found Sprinkles, but decided to have lunch and then come back. I used my phone's GPS to find a Joann's store, then drove around the area looking for a place to eat.
Milk Pail Market, a European style open air market, down the street from Joann's.

I didn't actually go in, but it looked interesting. My friend Ramin T. would probably enjoy this place.

Esther's German Bakery, not far from Joann's. As it turns out, my friend Ramin has been here.

Pearl Tea and Coffee
My daughter Lisa is into Bubble Tea. This place reminds me of a restaurant near her home in Washington State, where Lisa and I had a Bubble Tea when I visited earlier this year.

Sushi 85 where I had a Dragon Roll for lunch
 Cover of my restaurant bill. I think it's beautiful and is an idea for a quilt.

Restaurant bathroom. I like the pattern of the wall tiles. It's quite simple but interesting. Quilt idea.
After lunch I went to Joann's in the same shopping center as the sushi place. I like the texture and color of these shells. I may have to get a bag and do something with them sometime.

Glass Slipper Inn
How Disney is this motel? I passed it on the way to find Joann's and made a mental note to try to find it again later. I remembered the name and used my phone's GPS to find it on the way back to Sprinkles. I parked at the Comfort Inn next door, then walked half a block to the intersection, crossed a very wide street and walked half a block back up the street to get this shot. A little hassle but worth it.
I saw this bamboo on the walk back from taking the photo of the Glass Slipper Inn. Quilt idea.

Sprinkles cupcake store in Palo Alto


It's quite a popular place.

Back wall of the store. How cute!

Pull up a chair and enjoy your cupcake.
Here's the assortment I bought and took home. Top left: red velvet; top right: salted caramel; bottom left: milk chocolate. I kept the salted caramel for myself, which I shared with my granddaughter who came over to spend the night after I got home. I gave the other two to my son and daughter-in-law who split them between each other. Man, were those cupcakes good!

After I bought my cupcakes I headed home. I got rain again on the way back, but I was kind of grateful for it as I needed the salt washed off my windows. I had a great time during my quilting retreat in Pacifica. I'll be back again in a year.

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