Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Picking up again on Cathy's Southwest quilt

Cathy's Southwest
Blocks: New Mexico and Santa Fe Trail
Original design

Cathy's shirt that provided inspiration

Cathy’s Southwest has been in hibernation for a couple of years. The quilt is based on a Southwest-themed shirt that co-worker Cathy C. wore years ago. I told her it would make a great quilt. The quilt still isn’t made. By the way, the quilt is for her, but she doesn't know it.

Initially I tried to use some of the shapes from the shirt, but that fizzled out. Instead, I chose blocks with Southwest themes – New Mexico and Santa Fe Trail – and created a design using the colors from the shirt.

Sampling of the blocks I've made so far

Last night I opened the grocery bag containing the quilt in progress to see where I was. I’m farther along than I realized. Already I’ve made a bunch of Diamond in a Square paper-pieced blocks and a few nine patch blocks. That’s encouraging, as I’d like to finish the quilt this month.

Cathy happens to be a Facebook friend, and I blocked her temporarily so she can’t see any of my Facebook postings about her quilt. It also helps that she is on a long cruise out of the country and probably won’t have internet access while she is away. So I’ve got to get moving while I have the chance.

Last night I worked on more Diamond in a Square paper-pieced blocks and I’ll probably do some more tonight. I may take some along with me on my quilting retreat which starts tomorrow.

Design notes

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