Monday, July 25, 2011

Sewing blocks together in rows

Re-arranged blocks so similar sizes were in each row.

Measured each block, added about 1/2" to those dimensions to cut oversized background pieces.

Curve cut on edge of nine-patch

Overlapped edge of background, cut along curve.

Background and nine-patch sewn together

First row sewn

I had been putting off sewing together the wavy nine-patch blocks. But I finally gathered my courage and tackled it last night. I re-arranged a few blocks so that there are similarly sized ones in each row. Then I measured each block and added a little extra to get the dimensions of the plain alternating blocks which are made up of the starfish fabric. Fortunately there was enough of the starfish to fill each space, with just a handful of scraps leftover.

I sewed together the top row of blocks. They look pretty good. Tonight I’ll do some more. I’m getting kind of excited to see the finished quilt top!

Design notes

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