Thursday, July 21, 2011

Making the Wavy Nine-Patch Blocks

Going through scrap drawers for fabrics

Tower of scrap drawers. 12" x 12" x 3" drawers.
Drawers are filled with fabric widths of: 2.5+", 3.5+", 4.5+", 6.5+", 9"-13".
Warm colors on one side, cool colors on the other.  Rolled up paper divides the two.

Whites, pinks, greens pulled as possibilities.

Trying different combinations against starfish background.
Dark green against pink is my favorite.

Trying out a couple more combos.  Prefer the dark pink (dots) against the light green.

Got rid of the white.  Divided scraps into light/dark pinks and greens.

Design notes

Reviewed Ricky Tims' Caveman Quilting DVD, very helpful.
Stacking fabrics right sides up.

Make a curved cut with rotary cutter.  Any gently curved shape is okay.

Hmm.  The green looks way too skinny.

This will work better.

Sewn, trimmed pink.

Cut a curve on the outside edge of the pink.  Place it on a new piece of green (right side up), overlapping the edge a little.  Cut along the pink's curve so the green has the same shape.

Green-pink-green unit sewn

Pink-green-pink unit

Both units

Made another green-pink-green unit.

Stacked two units, made a cut, paired up for sewing.

Pairs sewn together

Remaining green-pink-green unit sliced, overlapped edge where it will be joined, and trimmed to match--always cutting right sides up.

Two nine-patches done.  Final trimming will be done later when quilt top is assembled.

Set 1

Set 2

Blocks with bright pink X's are Set 3. (Must have forgotten to take a separate photo.)
Checking out progress so far.  Looks good.

Strip set on bottom seems really narrow, need it to complete a block.

Added a little pink to the edge.
As it turned out, I removed the extra pink because I didn't need it.

Set 4
Note I had to add a different green in the top right nine-patch because there wasn't enough fabric.

Set 5

Here's the whole collection.  This isn't necessarily the layout.

Design notes

See the finished quilt here.


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