Saturday, July 02, 2011

Have cowboy fabric

Ryan N., the young son of co-worker Sharon, is a very sick little boy. I’ve been meaning to make a quilt for him for some time. I learned this past week that Sharon has taken a leave of absence to care for Ryan and is expected to be away from the office for some time. I felt badly that I had waited so long to talk to Sharon. Another co-worker suggested I write a note to Sharon, then ask HR to address and mail it for me. I did so, and included my cell phone number and email address for her to contact me. I knew it was possible that she would say no thank you, and I was willing to accept that.
Yesterday I got a call from Sharon. She said she would love it if I made a quilt for Ryan. He likes cowboys and his favorite colors are purple, blue and yellow. She said purple and yellow would be wonderful because Ryan and his dad like the Vikings. She said the note really touched her heart and Ryan was excited to get a quilt. I told her I could get it done in a couple of weeks.

I spent some time searching the internet for cowboys in purple with little luck. I headed out to Joann’s and found a possibility in blue, red and cream, and a nice one in dark yellow that I figured could go well with purple. I favored the yellow, but felt like I needed a fabric in purple and yellow or brown to bridge the two colors. I found a pack of purple/brown that might work. I left without buying anything. Next I went to Beverly’s but didn’t find purple cowboy fabric. There was a nice lasso fabric in browns and I did find a couple of fabrics that had purple and brown. I left there without a purchase, went back to Joann’s and bought the dark yellow cowboy fabric. By the time I was done Beverly’s was almost closed. I’ll go back tomorrow to pick up the lasso and purple/brown. I’ll probably return to Joann’s for purples.

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  1. The cowboy fabric is great and I love how you worked through the color thought process. This sounds like it will really be perfect for him. My heart goes out to him and his family. You know a friend of one of my own grown children just died after lifelong complications from leukemia and near the end, in the hospital, they brought her a donated lap quilt. I found out it meant the world to her and my 35 year old daughter said to me.."Now, I understand why you make and give away quilts, mom. When I saw the look on 'Ann's' face and how happy that little quilt made her, I realized why you do what you do."...That's the beauty and power and love in giving quilts. You are doing that, Debbie. "You have that power and you had it all along." This is so great and so very nice of you.


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