Sunday, September 05, 2010

Retreat Progress 9/5/10

I made pretty good progress today on Piper's Polka Dots.  I spray basted the quilt sandwiches--the quilt is divided in two vertical sections, to be quilted separately.  I got the big polka dots machine appliqued by zigzag.  The polka dots are pretty puffy, and I like them that way.  But they probably won't stay like that for long.  Left as is, they'll probably loose their oomph after a while and go flat.  Also, once the spray baste dissolves, the layers will be loose, and I'm not thrilled about having dinner plate-sized areas with floppy fabric and batting.

Tomorrow is a day off and the last day of my at-home quilting retreat.  I'll quilt the polka dots with spirals--sort of lollipop or cinnamon roll looking, free motion quilt the sections separately, then join them together.  Once joined, I'll applique the last polka dot which goes over the joining seam.

I'd love to finish the quilt tomorrow.  Stay tuned.


  1. I love hearing about Piper's quilt! Cannot wait to see it. It is going to match her room perfectly!

  2. Hi, fave dil! I hope piper enjoys her quilts. It's the first of many from grandma Debbie.


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